Cegal at APPEA 2023

May 15 - 18 in Adelaide


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Discover Cegal Geoscience Software and Services
Cegal offers an extensive suite of software and services to complement the Petrel* E&P software platform, streamline your heavy geophysical workflows, and connect your subsurface environments to the Python™ ecosystem.  

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Discover Cegal’s Data Management Software and Services
Cegal’s portfolio of subsurface data management technologies and services are aimed at providing pragmatic solutions to everyday subsurface data challenges, from effectively managing large volumes of seismic data in on - premise or cloud environments, to delivering platform focussed data governance models built on decades of experience. 

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Discover Cegal Cetegra
Built over years of collaboration with global energy leaders, Cetegra is a cloud environment that caters to energy sector specific digitalization needs, from data integration to cyber security. Facilitating seamless, cloud-based integration of data and applications, Cetegra gives provides the optimal work environment for everyone, every day.

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Join us at this year's APPEA Conference and Exhibition in Adelaide, from May 15th to May 18th to learn more about how Cegal's innovative software products, data management services, and cloud offerings can help you unlock the full value of your data and optimize your workflows.

Our team of experts will be showcasing a range of powerful software products, including the Blueback Toolbox, Blueback Investigator, Blueback Avary, and Cegal Prizm. These products offer a range of cutting-edge features and functionalities, from unique data visualization and analysis in Petrel® to advanced seismic data conditioning, interpretation and reservoir characterization workflows.

In addition to our software products, we'll also be showcasing our data management services, which are designed to help you streamline your data management workflows and optimize your data storage and retrieval processes. And with our Cetegra cloud offering, you'll be able to leverage the power of the cloud to integrate petrotechnical applications and data and provide scalability, and efficiency in your operations.

Don't miss the chance to connect with us and discover what Cegal can do for you. Catch Neil, John, Hector, Omar, and Vanessa, and let's chat all things #subsurface, #cloud, and #digital. We look forward to seeing you there!


Which Cegalians will be there?


Neil Constantine | Principal Technical Sales


Neil is the in-country lead for Cegal in Australia, supporting long-standing clients and building new business across software, services and cloud. His focus is the delivery of value at the intersection of geoscience, data and technology. 

neil.constantine@cegal.com | Contact me on LinkedIn


John Sayer | Commercial Director – Geoscience Products


John is the Global Commercial Director for Geoscience Products. Responsible for Cegal's Geoscience go-to-market strategy, portfolio budget, customer experience and sales performance. John has 12+ years of experience in Petroleum Geoscience and Digital Technologies.  John has a passion for the energy industry, software technologies, cloud computing and geoscience innovation. 

john.sayer@cegal.com | Contact me on LinkedIn


Hector Repilloza | Team Lead Geoscience MEAP


Hector is a Technical Sales Specialist turned Team Lead Geoscience at Cegal, bringing a unique blend of sales and technical expertise to his role. He uses his sales skills to interact with customers, help them pinpoint the best technology or data management strategy, and tailor solutions to their needs. With a focus on improving geology, geophysics, and reservoir engineering workflows in the Middle East Asia and Pacific region, Hector drives innovation and navigates digital transformation in the energy sector.

hector.repilloza.hernandez@cegal.com | Contact me on LinkedIn


Vanessa Gutierrez | Technical Sales Specialist

Vanessa 1

Vanessa is a Technical Sales Specialist based in Perth, WA. She is a Geoscientist who has worked in the Energy and Resources Industry for over 8 years, on conventional and unconventional oil and gas projects in Australia. Vanessa loves Geophysics and enjoys creating and improving new and existing resources. She enjoys learning from others and is looking forward to helping clients to achieve success.

vanessa.gutierrez@cegal.com | Contact me on LinkedIn


Omar Virguez | Managing Director, Middle East and Asia.

Omar, our Managing Director for the Middle East, Asia, and Pacific region at Cegal. He is responsible for overseeing our operations in this dynamic market. He brings a wealth of technical expertise in Geophysics and Data Science, allowing him to analyze customer challenges and develop workflows that leverage our software products to meet their specific needs. Omar's commitment to customer satisfaction has helped cement Cegal's reputation as a leading provider of software solutions in the region.

omar.virguez@cegal.com | Contact me on LinkedIn