Cegal Blueback Avary

Faster, intuitive geophysical insight and analysis.

Speed up your decision-making with Cegal Blueback Avary

Cegal Blueback Avary is a reimagined and highly optimized post-stack seismic prospect derisking solution.

Amplitude Versus Offset (AVO) studies and prospect de-risking analysis drive hugely important and expensive decisions when validating investment in a hydrocarbon prospect.

Traditionally these geophysical workflows used by geologists and geophysicists to de-risk lithology and fluid content are very data and compute heavy. They are centered on manipulating multiple large seismic volumes that can sit across multiple software applications.

Typically these derisking workflows involve long computational times before the visibility of results is possible, a constant transfer of data between applications that means iterating on parameterization becomes a costly, time-consuming exercise before results are available to make an informed decision.


It is exactly these heavy data, heavy compute, cross-application, long run time geophysical workflow components that Cegal Blueback Avary (Avary) has been designed to target.

Avary achieves an uplift across the de-risking workflow through various optimization, both algorithmic and also architecturally for optimal use of hardware and computational resources to enable you to confidently derive high-quality seismic products within a time frame that allows you to bring impact and data-driven subsurface understanding where and when it matters.

- Avary changes the way we work

For Aker BP, Blueback Avary enables geologists, and geophysicists to achieve the highest quality geophysical understanding, analysis and insight faster than ever before. Avary allows you to elevate the quality and cadence of your business decisions. 

Watch the video, and hear what Aker BP tells about Avery.



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See some of the functionality in Blueback Avary

Understand dynamically how the choices you make when condition seismic impact your final products.

Powerful, interactive denoise and de-stripe techniques to enhance the quality of your seismic data.

Seamlessly interact with multiple spectrally decomposed volumes, on the fly without generating full volumes on disk.

Rapidly identify, map and quantify AVO anomalies with Avary AVO.

Blueback ODiSI now integrated into Avary.

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