GeoCloud is now Cegal Cetegra

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Discover Cegal Cetegra

We are happy to announce the release of Cetegra, our new integration platform expanding GeoCloud beyond its current capabilities to provide optimal flexibility in a 100% scalable and secure environment.

For over a decade now, GeoCloud has demonstrated proven results, primarily within the Oil and Gas industry. Capitalizing on this experience and unique know-how, GeoCloud evolves, to serve you even better.

Cetegra is Cegal's new platform that reimagines how energy industry experts share and collaborate, simply expanding Geocloud beyond its current capabilities.

GeoCloud will now be part of Cetegra, as Cetegra High Performance Desktop.
It will still be offering you a powerful virtual desktop on any device, giving access to all required tools to perform at your best, anywhere, anytime.

Cetegra also remains completely vendor-neutral, supporting both private and public clouds, and offering the scalability and the flexibility needed on a daily basis.

Beyond these key points, Cetegra also has much more to offer!



Cetegra key benefits

Digitalization made easy

Say goodbye to silos. Cetegra gives energy companies access to all applications and data in a unique, collaborative, and flexible cloud-based solution.

Workplace flexibility

Cetegra enables you to work from anywhere and access your data and applications using standard laptops, mobile phones, or tablets. You and your colleagues can collaborate on the same data sets regardless of your business unit or geographical location.

Effective cost management

The Cetegra subscription model enables you to keep all your operational costs under control. Additionally, the flexible tiering system can scale operational expenditure up and down as required.

Would you like to know more about Cetegra? We’re just a click away.

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