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Cegal Cetegra – Reinventing how oil and gas experts work and collaborate

Built over decades of collaboration with global E&P leaders, Cetegra caters to oil and gas sector specific digitalization needs – from data integration to cyber security.

The digital future for energy experts, today. Cetegra is the only vendor-neutral, cloud-based platform that provides comprehensive integration to the Oil and Gas industry, securely connecting people, data, and applications, including all petrotechnical pieces of software, from seismic processing to reservoir simulation and beyond. Delivered through a flexible subscription model, Cetegra seamlessly combines legacy and modern systems, applications, and data to support fast-paced business conditions. With cloud computing and Desktop-as-a-Service, Cetegra provides end-users with a unified and harmonized experience catering to the unique digitalization needs of the oil and gas sector.

Would you like to know more about Cetegra? Join us for this exciting webinar where you can learn more about Cetegra and how the current E&P digital landscape evolves. You will get valuable insights into how Cetegra, Cegal’s unique digitalization platform, supports oil and gas businesses through their digital journey. Don't miss this opportunity and register now to secure your spot!

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Learn about
  • How Cetegra is a cloud-based platform that integrates data and applications for the oil and gas industry, including all petrotechnical software.
  • How Cetegra provides a unified and harmonized user experience, security, and flexibility for the oil and gas sector’s digitalization needs.
  • How Cetegra will offer valuable insights into how Cetegra supports oil and gas businesses through their digital journey.

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